First, I have many motivations in my life – thank god, but only a few are in the scope of this website: technology, programming, entrepreneurship, innovation, and Internet (or simply “the Web” as it’s known these days). I write for my friends, for geeks and people with these common interests and for those who like my work and what I do, and for myself.

Second, I don’t write for an audience, I don’t care about SEO techniques, I don’t mind about planets, ratings or any other traffic or self-promotion instruments.

Third, my current employer is Meo Comunicações (the company behind SAPO), from the Portugal Telecom group. I do not post about my work unless the topic is already public (ie: it’s referenced somewhere else already) and it’s within the scope of my personal interests, not professional.

Fouth, sometimes I can look like an arrogant bastard, just like most of my idols. I don’t think it’s a bad thing and I won’t appologize.

Fifth, this is my website and these are my opinions. This is not a public forum or a corporate blog. If you’re going to comment and curse, or lack an education, then please don’t waste our time, just go tf away.

This clarification should be enough for most ogres peeking. The rest, you know who you are, welcome.

These are the terms of usage for this website.