Yahoo! beats Google in the Semantic Web race

Carefully crafted in 15 Mar 2008

![](/assets/yahoo-beats-google-in-the-semantic-web-race-1.jpg “”)

A ironia. No triste dia em que, assim como quem diz, o Yahoo! que conhecemos nos deixa, fá-lo com um marco histórico. Ontem revelaram mais detalhas da iniciativa “Y! Search Open Platform” que basicamente transformará o motor de busca do Yahoo! no primeiro dos gigantes a abraçar a visão da Web Semântica.

“Initially, we plan to support a number of microformats, including hCard, hCalendar, hReview, hAtom, and XFN. Yahoo! Search will work with the web community to evolve the vocabulary framework for embedding structured data. For starters, we plan to support vocabulary components from Dublin Core, Creative Commons, FOAF, GeoRSS, MediaRSS, and others based on feedback. And, we will support RDFa and eRDF markup to embed these into existing HTML pages. Finally, we are announcing support for the OpenSearch specification, with extensions for structured queries to deep web data sources.”

Ah, e vão suportar Opensearch também. It’s about time.



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