Is an Image still worth a thousand words ?

Carefully crafted in 31 Jul 2005

This thought came to my mind today. This is the decade where photography took over our lives. The digital phenomena changed the way we see and did our photos. There’s a whole new group of digital professionals photoshop worshipers that the old timers analog purists must hate to death. They trade photoshop recipes for money, it’s almost criminal. They take great spontaneous shoots because they do a hundred of them “spontaneously” and eventually one is really great. Funny thing is: over time, and because it’s so easy and so cheap to try, and if you really love it this persistent trial and error technique produces really great new-gen photographers in time records, I know a couple of them myself.

But what I really wanted to say is: with so many images laying around (side note: forget cellphones with cameras, now there’s cameras with cellphones, my new K750i is the proof of it. Stunning 2 megapixel photos at your fingerprints 24/7, and it will only get better) I wonder if the currency ratio 1 images = 1000 words is still applicable. There’s much more imagery being created than words. My photo count for my 1 year baby Beatriz is over 1500 (not counting digital movies too btw) and I can only find 3 or 4 photos of my first year of life in my parent’s old albums. If I continue at this rate, Beatriz will have about 45000 photos of her at my age !

So in time, long time maybe, I can only predict that words will be worth much value than images and eventually the ratio will invert . Think about it.


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