Because Amiga

Posted on Aug 30, 2013

So, you know I’m a sucker for vintage computing. I’ve been a proud owner of an original C64, an Amiga 1200, an Atari 130 XE, and a ZX-81, and a bunch of old peripherals and hacks that connect to them all in working condition.

But today I got in the mail one very special rarity. It’s an original, unopened, white, brand new, from the warehouse, Amiga 1200 Magic edition sold to me directly by no less than the legendary ex president of Amiga Technologies Petro Tyschtschenko.

Rui tipped me off a few months ago. Petro found a few boards in a warehouse and was selling them for 70€. I rushed to get in contact with him, played a good card at begging using an Amiga Report article (which makes laugh every time I read it) I wrote back in 1994 when I was, well, a kid. A few weeks later Petro wrote me back asking me my address, I had been chosen. 

So there, epic stuff, the machine, the guy who “sold” it to me, and the way it happened. Big smile.


Photo 1

Photo 2