Interview with George Hotz on MSNBC

Posted on Aug 25, 2007

Geohot’s accomplishment is all over the web my now so I won’t comment on it any further but this MSNBC live interview with him is worth watching. George is an remarkable hardware guy but above all, it’s his motivation and his ethics that are worth mentioning. He’s a true hacker.

I and a few friends actually followed the whole story on IRC live, when he wrote the step-by-step tutorial on the Blog. In fact, we were so intoxicated with the story, that we decided to do an unlocking marathon later at my place. The result was a disaster, do not attempt to do this unless you’re a soldering expert, really (see this pic for a good idea on the size of these circuit tracks). I’ve modded a few consoles in the past and I was very confident but what I saw was insane. And by the way opening the iPhone wasn’t easy too. So we were stuck in step 3 and wen’t back to the drawing board. Idiots. We have a video of this, I’ll edit it and post it soon, for your amusement.

Either way, software unlocking is popping up everywhere so we’re happy we just scratched one iPhone and called it off for the night.

Oh and one more thing. If you really want to open it here’s two tutorials: A video from pdaparts (we used this one, so you know it sucks. They skip a lot of details) and a really good one I found later.