Posted on Aug 21, 2007

I just joined the club of those in Portugal who have an iPhone and can actually talk about it, sort of.

This is not a review, I’m tired of pointless opinions about the device. No matter how many defects you find, this toy is truly amazing stuff, specially the software and the OSX foundations.

STILL, the one only thing that really pisses me off is that it does not support 802.1X. So for now, forget about seamless authentication on many WIFI networks, including some public nationwide soon-to-have ones. I really hate having to go through those webpage redirects to get logged in.

Plus some corporate networks, including ours, enforce 802.1X (for now).

But it has PPTP and VPN which is cool.

I’ll try and post some stuff in the next days, this thing is killing my productivity and my sleep(). But just to let you know, I have all of this installed already, I can ssh into it and I have installed lights off already, of course.

Sadly, no phone calls yet. Not that I’m worried about it, there’s so much fun to get from hacking. Didn’t feel so happy since I installed Debian on a Xbox a few years ago.

Update: Full unlock claimed, to go public in 1 week.