Posted on Apr 25, 2007

Everybody knows Yahoo is doing it’s European version of Hackday in London in early June. I’ve seen Yahoo’s presentation about the US version on eTech and it clicked on me. It’s a great idea for a variety of reasons: Team and company morale boost, tell the outside world what you have, image building amongst the developers community, a great way to find new talent and eventually recruit some, a free test-bed for your infra-structure and APIs, and a great environment for new ideas. And of course not less important, it’s a lot of fun for everybody too, it’s win-win.

So it got me thinking (a lot) if Portugal has enough critical-mass for a scaled down, eventually tunned up concept version of something like this.

While thinking, I decided to sign in for London and it seems I’m booked for it. And I might just go (although logistics at home will probably be complicated at the time, so I’m not 100% sure yet).

Any other .pt persons attending this ?