XCode2 first steps

Posted on Sep 27, 2005

I just tried to compile speirs’s Fotobilder iPhoto Plugin to use a modified version of our internal (SAPO’s) API, and translate it to Portuguese. So I downloaded the beta from XCode2.2 and gave it try.

The last time I used a graphical IDE was on the glorious Amiga days, with the famous SAS/C compiler. I long adopted the trusty portable gnu utils/bash/gnumake/vi IDE. So I was relutant.

But XCode is beautiful. Apart for not being able to use “vi” decently, it just rocks. Without reading a single document or book, just out of common sense and knowledge I was able to install it XCode, the needed extra packages and frameworks, get the source code from speir’s SVN, change the target for 10.4, edit the widgets to Portuguese, compile everything and run the program.

I even tried to build a universal binary for the new operating system spreading on the black market, which would work fine if it wouldn’t depend on Iconara DOM‘s PPC only framework.

Next step: learn Objective-C. The FAQ was a good start but any good book recommendations ?