The Opening a MacMini experience

Posted on May 24, 2005

My Mac Mini just arrived at work. I asked for a 512 Meg RAM model and the “limited” local dealer sent me the Mini box, an Apple keyboard and a generic compatible 512 Meg RAM module for me to fit in. At first I thought they were just too lazy or costumer careless to plug the RAM for me but after my first attempt to open the beautiful silver cube I quickly realized that there was a very good reason for it. The darned cube is as hard to open as the AAC DRM format, maybe harder (couldn’t resist sorry). After digging the net for some hacker’s experiences I also realized that either I needed:

  1. A pair of rare thin exact sized putty knives and a lot of patience
  2. A bunch of electronic wires and much more patience
  3. An hammer, a big screw driver and no patience at all.

Unwilling to find the rare tools I went for the second option. I took me about 2 hours to open the first one (and damage enough surface and materials from the plastic box) and about 30 minutes for my friend’s Mac Mini (which came out clean).

After opening the little beast I was first impressed with the compactness of it and had a wow effect, then substituted the RAM, turned it on, off, and closed the box never to be opened again. The Mac Mini it’s an hell of a bargain, well worth it’s price. The only turnoff I could find it’s the 2.5″ internal HD which is very slow. There are lots of reviews on the net so I won’t do a YAMMR.

My thumbs down for Apple for making the case so hard to open (almost impossible without damage). For what ? For the benefit of the local dealers ? I don’t think so. But at least provide them with the damned kits in the first place!