The Blogging phenomena

Posted on May 4, 2005

As a newcomer to the blogging world that I am, and after some basic lessons I had about the way this community works I must say I’m very impressed with both the technical and social movement around this phenomena. Although I’m the Internet business, yes it never got me so obvious. It’s really the way information should be created and exist and there’s no stopping now, you big media corporations and so called opinion benders – be afraid!

Blogging has influence in the Elections, Search engine results, it irritates the so-called “Real Journalists“.

This led me to the subject of how the Web and the whole content distribution thing would be so great if it wouldn’t sit on a server/client model. BitTorrent and eDonkey already have about 70% of the whole Internet traffic .

They’re already using Peer-2-Peer to distribute live media (see: P2P-Radio or Peercast) but where are those BitTorrent2HTTP gateways that we’ve seen promisses of in the past ?