I’m a huge fan of Amazon. The way they turned just a successful book selling platform into one of the coolest internet companies and teams in the world, fighting head to head with Google, Yahoo and MS in the innovation and services playground is nothing to disdain. If you’re a geek, you’ll know Amazon better from AWS, FPS, EC2 and S3 than, hum.. books.

I really think Amazon has a great vision of what the future of computing resources will be, and they’re shaping it, silently and cleverly.

The Start-Up Project is an event they’re promoting around the US and clearly shows what kind of practical applications AWS can deliver today. And with the cost savings these architectures can have, traditional hosting business for small/mid-size companies should be worried. I would.

By the way, if you live in Portugal and like programming, Mike Culver will be speaking over at SAPO Codebits on the 13rd.