About me


My name is Celso Martinho and I’m a challenge driven, optimistic geek technologist, founder, maker, product guy, and entrepreneurial soul, eventually thrown into a management career (which I’ve learned to enjoy a lot). My Myers-Briggs profile is the INTP type and I was born in the fine year of 1972.

In 1995, me and my colleagues at the University of Aveiro created SAPO. It became the leading web portal in Portugal and a technology provider and innovation unit for the PT Portugal group, developing new products and services for the web, media, infosec and the telco industries.

In late 2015 I left SAPO and went to create Bright Pixel, which will be revealed soon.

Occasionally I’m invited to join the board of other small companies, usually taking an advisory role, and I sometimes accept the provocation. I’ve started and closed a few (startups) too.

I have a serious addiction to all things 8-bit, arcade and retro computing.

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the Maker movement and the emerging Maker communities in Portugal, so eventually, I decided to co-organize the first Lisbon Maker Faire and I’m expecting to be on this subject for the upcoming years.

For professional inquiries, I have a LinkedIn profile.