Paul Graham worships Steve Jobs

Carefully crafted in 06 Apr 2008

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I didn’t see this coming. Paul Graham, one of my favorite essayists, puts Steve Jobs on his personal list of heroes, just before Isaac Newton.


”People alive when Kennedy was killed usually remember exactly where they were when they heard about it. I remember exactly where I was when a friend asked if I’d heard Steve Jobs had cancer. It was like the floor dropped out. A few seconds later she told me that it was a rare operable type, and that he’d be ok. But those seconds seemed long. I wasn’t sure whether to include Jobs on this list. A lot of people at Apple seem to be afraid of him, which is a bad sign. But he compels admiration. There’s no name for what Steve Jobs is, because there hasn’t been anyone quite like him before. He doesn’t design Apple’s products himself. Historically the closest analogy to what he does are the great Renaissance patrons of the arts. As the CEO of a company, that makes him unique.

Most CEOs delegate taste to a subordinate. The design paradox means they’re choosing more or less at random. But Steve Jobs actually has taste himself—such good taste that he’s shown the world how much more important taste is than they realized.”

I found this surprising and amusing. We all love Apple for it’s design and innovative products (well, I do anyways) but calling Stevie a hero is a bit of a stretch, I say. Now calling Fake Steve Jobs a hero would be more appropriate.

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