eTech 2008 Blogs and Presentations

Carefully crafted in 13 Mar 2008

![](/assets/etech-2008-blogs-and-presentations-1.jpg “”)

I really should find time to finish the posts about this year’s eTech hanging in my drafts folder but I don’t see it happening in the near days. So in the meantime here’s two goodies:

First this an OPML file with the speaker’s Blogs, at least the ones I could find. They’re always useful for the next house cleaning, when we dump the dull posters and seek for refreshing content. I have substituted the blog’s title with the speaker’s name.

Second, I was going to post a list of presentations I found but again, I’m way far the finish line. So here’s where you can find them:

  1. Some on the speaker’s blogs.
  2. Many on the eTech website, on each session page. (ie: CouchDB)
  3. Some on slideshare.

And you already know I had an active feed with related websites I kept collecting.

Have fun.


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