Carefully crafted in 06 Mar 2008

![](/assets/couchdb-1.jpg “”)

Yet another product that’s been lying around but was highlighted here at eTech which I can wait to write about: CouchDB.

CouchDB is a database aimed for Web development and AJAX applications. Key features are:

  • Uses JSON format, similar to XML. Easy to read and write.
  • HTTP API, obviously.
  • Views: Filter, Collate, Aggregate (powered by Map/Reduce).
  • Replication and conflit resolution.
  • Bonus features: comes with Lucene for fulltext search. You can search JSON structures.

This project was accepted for the Apache Software Foundation and has an Open Source license.

And it’s written in Erlang using non-locking MVCC and ACID compliant data store. I have excellent references for Erlang for fault-tolerance and scalability, our current XMPP server is ejabberd. It also uses the Mozilla’s Spidermonkey engine for javascript engine.

Very nice. More on the wiki.


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