Leopard’s Quicklook

Carefully crafted in 28 Nov 2007

Devil is in the details.

Quick Look is a technology introduced in Mac OS X version 10.5 that enables client applications, such as Spotlight and the Finder, to display thumbnail images and full-size previews of documents.”, and has an framework for developers.

It’s one of the less discussed features of Leopard and yet, for me, one of the most valuable. Specially when used in conjunction with Mail.app. So handy.

Dave Dribbin just coded and made available a .qlgenerator for source code files which is great and it’s a very good example of what to expect from Leopard’s new core features and programming APIs.

UPDATE: TUAW had a post about QL today as well. The Folder and Zip .qlgenerators are nice too.


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