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Carefully crafted in 02 Aug 2007

I’ve changed this Blog’s software from WordPress to Serendipity. The reason ? WordPress code sucks but Serendipity’s sucks less. This is not a hint, this is me reading through lines of code on both platforms, they’re ugly and scary. WordPress is such a hog, it’s hard to believe it actually works. And the zillions of plug ins for it really piss me off, they’re the proof WordPress is now the de facto standard for dummies and 3l33t kiddies.

I thought about writing something for my purposes but I really don’t have time nor I find it challenging. I thought about eating my own dog food (which is great food by the way) but really, this ain’t meant to be just a Blog, it’s supposed to be my IT gym, a place I where I can distress from my daily management tasks and just pretend I’m still a programmer and yell a few lines of code to keep my sanity in place.

So Serendipity here we are. It’s a lot simpler, it’s more OO code based thus more understandable and it uses Smarty for templates, which is great to change the presentation and to extend the UI with simple things, which was what triggered this whole thing for me in the first place. It’s user base is a lot smaller and the dev guys seem focused on the really important stuff, which I like.

I also took the opportunity and axed Apache in favor of Lighttpd and the excellent setup with php-fastcgi.

I wrote a couple of rewrite rules to keep the old RSS feed URL working nice and clean, let me know if anything is broken please.

More tunning to follow…


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