DRM-free music on iTunes

Carefully crafted in 03 Jun 2007

What’s with all the fuss about Apple putting personal info on the DRM free music you buy from ITMS ? You can play it on any device, AAC is a standard and it’s documented so you can edit the headers, so what’s up ? If you’re paranoid enough to think anyone could use such info to track your illegal copies, just edit the files, put Steve Jobs on the headers and send him to jail, easy. The only thing I can remember to complain is the extra price for the doubtful extra quality, clearly some financial engineering stunt with the music sharks to get this through, but hey it’s here. Bring the others and the competition, with the mass adoption this may have, prices can actually drop in the future.

I might just start buying music again now, well done Apple! What about Video now ?


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