launchd and Lindon

Carefully crafted in 04 Feb 2007

While not getting any younger, I tend to get less and less speed typing skills each day. It’s been years since that good old buckling spring IBM keyboards. Today’s keyboards are sh*t compared to them and the shift to permanent laptop usage hasn’t been helping my eminent RSI. So, even though I’m a terminal/console addict, as a Mac user with a state-of-the-art UI, I’ve became increasingly interested in clean-cut simple GUI tools to do my repetitive tasks.

Launchd is OSX’s Unix init replacement, with style and on dopes. It can sort of replace any Unix launcher like cron, or my personal favorite, daemontools. I recently learned a bit about it and started using it for my local mysqls, lighttpds, etc. It’s great and you should go for it.

However, editing .plist files by hand and running launcdctl isn’t really my dream task so I went searching for tools to aid me and I found Lingon, an Opensource program that does both, launchd configuration file editing for dummies and daemon controlling through launchctl, with your mouse (or keyboard shortcut). Grab it, it’s a must!


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