Data Retention Laws just made it to Europe

Carefully crafted in 14 Dec 2005

I had a call from our law department today informing me of this and telling me to get ready ‘coz this time it’s finally going ahead. I’m personally not very stressed about this on the job, we logged pretty much everything already so it’s more investment on storage capacity, some developments, different backup policies, it’s resources and money, I will sleep over it. But I’m very worried about the precedent this law will create and the fact that it will help create a global conscience of fear and suspiciousness from your service providers and the law enforcers. It’s really not related to the Internet roots. I also get this feeling that terrorrism is not really the real argument behind all this and that a lot of lobbying has been rolling in the backend lately but that may just be my paranoid side. Would anybody with two fingers of technology knowledge think that logging anyone’s activity online could prevent terrorism or even help find terrorists at all ? I Don’ t think so.


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