Stuff for the week…

Carefully crafted in 17 Nov 2005

Apple Developer Connection has a great article to use XCode with Subversion.

This is an extensive story from Scientific American describing an hipothetic flu pandemic with some impressive facts and numbers. Scary.

A couple of people from my company have been buying Powerbooks all at the same time. They all come back to me and ask me to give them (the Powerbooks) the basic software installation suite. This article from Rui Carmo is very very handy for Windows switchers.

OPML is the Attention.xml file for search engines. Very true. thought about social relevance already and they’re success is obvious.

This guy cured himself from HIV causing a huge media coverage all around the globe as being the first well documented case that could help find the long-awaited vaccine. But now it seems he didn’t have the virus in the first place.

HoldOld your horses on Christmas gifts and temptation, Intel Powerbooks and iMacs are apparently comming sooner than expected.

Macmini tower, neat.

Google laucnhed the long rumoured Google Base. All your base are belong to Google now. And while you’re at it, take a look at Google Analytics. Can’t they stay quiet for a while ? Dgeez.


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