Weekly bits

Carefully crafted in 11 Nov 2005

SkiTunes provides a nice alternative for iTunes for those who still wish the former was just a simple MP3 player and not a bloated multimedia player… well, you know iTunes.

RSSOwl seems interesting. It’s full featured, works on all platforms Mac, Linux and Windows taking advantage of the local OS. Could it be the Mozilla for RSS readers ?

Rick Dangerous is one of my all time favorite games since the C64 and Amiga eras. I’ve seen all kinds of ports for this game, now there’s one in flash, and it’s amazingly acurate to the original and very playable too.

Follow-Me Phoning: Implementing Bluetooth Proximity Detection with Asterisk, Part I

this guy ported the old Risk game to the Google Maps API. And Google Maps has gone mobile but many will still prefer mgmaps.

digg.com‘s ascension is impressive.

Llor is a very complete and impressive Ajax board game. Powered by http://script.aculo.us/


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