MacOSX goes Intel Inside

Carefully crafted in 07 Jun 2005

While most may be thinking the Apple is finally rotten with today’s announcement, the reality of the facts is that while IBM promised 3Ghz but didn’t deliver them on time for Jobs to keep up with he’s keynote promises, Intel has struggled and came up with a way better performance per watt than it’s competitors leaving no choice for a company like Apple to announce the switch, or at least support it.

Honestly I always thought Apple was the perfect marriage of a great OS with great exclusive HW and this was a bit disappointing from an elitist point of view. But given a better look, first it’s impressive the level of preparation and antecipation this company has, second I’m quite sure Jobs knows exactly where he’s heading, and third I’m also sure will turn this apparent hatch on the Apple religious culture and into a surprising feed of innovation and good news over these left months before the first Intel Inside sticker comes with a Powerbook (yaks, ugly).

I’m also very curious about IBM reactions on this.

They could have bought Transmeta btw, it was sold cheap to a Japanese Comic Books company !


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